Google Calendar productivity tips: how you should set your calendar settings to visualize your remaining time

uxcrepe_Google-Calendar-productivity-tips-how-you-should-set-your-calendar-settings-to-visualize-your-remaining-time Google Calendar

Our daily work is designed around Google Calendar, isn’t it?

At work, we all use Google Calendar to set your schedule, visualize our colleagues schedules, look for our boss’ schedules. We all have daily meetings, weekly meetings, and so on. 

We are made to use Google Calendar in our daily routine as a professional worker. However, Google Calendar’s default settings is just an implication of the old physical weekly calendar style, and some of it is not fit to the digital way of work today. Here’s why: Your project work does not end on Friday, but your Google Calendar seems to work on Friday.

uxcrepe_Google Calendar’s default setting is just the implication of the physical calendar(and is not fit to digital work style)

Issues happen when today is Wednesday, and you have an important meeting with due date on next Tuesday

In this way, assuming that today is Wednesday, and you have a report to your boss next Tuesday. By using the Google Calendar on its default settings, you can only see your schedules till Friday, and therefore, you cant have this grasp on how many days are left until the time limit.

To get out of this, you should be able to visualize how many accurate days are left to the time limit. Here is an easy tips you should set your calendarin three steps with pictures:

  1. Go to your Google Calendar settings.
uxcrepe_Click the settings button
  1. Open the  “Set custom view” menu
uxcrepe_Click the “Set custom view” menu
  1. Choose 7 days.
uxcrepe_The default settings of Google Calendar Weekly

You’re done! Now you will be able to spot the next weeks schedules on Wednesday, and you can focus on what you should do by the end of Friday, and decide whether you should work on weekends or not.


  • To visualize your next week settings, you should set your default view settings to 7 days.
  • This settings can be done in 3 clicks.
  • Happy productive work life!